Dr. Samantha Fox


Samantha Fox is a scholar and eLearning designer. Her specializations are anti-oppression and environmental social analysis.

Samantha obtained a PhD from Binghamton University in 2017.

eLearning Mission

Samantha’s instructional design and eLearning development work focuses on creating an accessible user interface that delivers engaging content with precision.

Dr. Fox’s focus is on content creation for anti-oppression; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and health and well-being.

Teaching Mission

Samantha’s teaching philosophy emphasizes engaging methods of inquiry that pique learner interest. Her learning goal is to impart an appreciation for the science of society while developing effective communication and analytical skills. Her instructional methods include interactive experiences, real world application, and time for reflection.

Dr. Fox cultivates a classroom community that nurtures personal growth through care, commitment, trust, and respect for self and others.

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Research Mission

Dr. Fox’s research seeks to understand society in order to change it.

Samantha examines the dynamics of resistance and resilience among working peoples, indigenous communities, peasants, and fringe populations involved in building autonomous practices that challenge capitalist dependency. 

The goal of her work is to improve health and well-being through an exploration of social conflict, conflict resolution, and strategies to achieve individual and collective self-actualization.

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Image: A very studious hound.
Milo the basset hound stands on a dining room chair with his feet on the table in front of a laptop and book.

In her recreational time, Dr. Fox competes in field trials and dog shows with basset hounds. She and her partner are members of the Basset Hound Club of America.



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