Research Articles

2015. “History, Violence, and the Emergence of Guatemala’s Extractive Sector” Environmental Sociology 1(3): 152-165.

2014. “A World-Ecological Perspective on Socio-Ecological Transformation in the Appalachian Coal Industry” Journal of World Systems Research 20(2): 257-280. [with Ben Marley]

Book Reviews

2020. “Book Review: Civilization Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future” Canadian Journal of Development Studies.

2016. “Book Review: Tell Me the Story of How I Conquered You” Diálogo 19(1).

2012. “Review: Maya Nationalisms and Postcolonial Challenges in Guatemala: Coloniality, Modernity, and Identity Politics” Journal of World Systems Research

2010. “Review: Wo(men) and Bear” AlterNative: International Journal of Indigenous Peoples

Public Sociology

2021. “Climate Change is the Symptom, Capitalism is the ProblemCommon Dreams.

Works in Progress

“Documenting Rural Lifeways: Companionship Dynamics Among Hunters and their Dogs”

“What is Green Racism? Racial Formation in American Environmentalism” 

“Why is Diodora Crying? The Structural Violence of Glocalization in Guatemala”