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This is the blog for Samantha Fox, PhD. Samantha is a sociologist who writes about various topics relevant to sociology. This blog is for a public audience and is not restricted to an academic audience.

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Climate Change is the Symptom, Capitalism is the Problem

Too often climate change is reduced to a quantification of greenhouse glasses or melting ice caps. Indicators of climate change are important to verifying the existence of the problem, but they are less constructive in helping us understand where the problem of climate change comes from. To understand the source of climate change means looking…

COVID-19 is a Social Disease

COVID-19 is a social disease. What does this mean? Unlike the sociality of something like depression or addiction, COVID-19’s sociality is tied to its ability to spread. With a potential incubation period of 14 days, asymptomatic carriers, and rapid evolution, COVID-19 is able to spread before it is even detected. Testing exists, but tests do…

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the science of society. As a field of inquiry, sociology is concerned with understanding the relationships, processes, and forces shaping social structure or the organization of society. Sociologists look at forces outside the individual that shape behavior and thought. They take a systematic approach to inquiry to establish patterns at a variety of…

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